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Your Health Comes First

We are a full-service medical practice

We are a full-service medical practice committed to providing high quality healthcare to individuals and families. We have a dedicated team of medical professionals who treat routine health conditions and minor emergencies. Our extended hours enable patients to receive the immediate care they need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Doctor's Appointment
Doctor High Five

Let Us Help you with your Healthcare needs.

“I always have a knowledgeable person to answer my questions about things I don’t completely understand or procedure I need to follow.”

“We think very highly of the doctor and staff.

“They've made a major difference in my health and I'm very appreciative for the help I've gotten.”

Chronic Care

Specialty Program

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Medicare's Connected Care Program

Available to qualified Medicare patients who have 2 or more chronic conditions. This program is designed to improve communication between patients and their primary care provider, specialists, or other care providers. The program will give you a direct number to help manage all of your medical needs. 


Benefits of our care management program: 

  • Helps decrease the chance of hospital admissions 

  • An individualized care plan 

  • Monthly follow-ups 

  • Transitional care management 

  • A direct phone number to our care coordinators to ask questions, coordinate and keep track of appointments with specialists, coordinate referrals to new specialists, keeping records current 

  • Access to a member of our care team 24 hours a day 7 days a week 

  • A source to help patients stay on target with their health goals, and up to date on preventative care measure 


For more information, please contact us at (941) 213-4466 


Accidents Happen when least expected

Walk-ins Welcome

Walk-in Care

Our goal is to see you quickly and to treat your injury or illness with the utmost quality and efficiency.

You don’t need to be a regular patient of ours, and you don’t need an appointment. When you aren’t feeling well, simply come to our office during our normal business hours.


We want your visit to be as smooth as possible, and you can help ensure that it is by remembering to bring the following with you:

✓Drivers’ license or photo ID

✓Insurance card (if using insurance)

✓Payment for co-pay or self-pay

✓Parental authorization form (for minors visiting without their parent or guardian)

✓List of current medications, past surgeries, and allergies

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